Blanco Neighbourhood Watch Membership Application

Thank You very much for taking the time to register with Blanco Neighbourhood Watch.

We welcome financial donations from our neighbourhood to assist the fight in crime in our community.

It is important and to the benefit of everyone living/working in our neighbourhood. We require the information in order for us to assist and respond effectively when the need arises.

We want residents to feel safe, relaxed and our children to play peacefully in our streets and parks.

For more info visit our website

(DOCS Accreditation Number 15/18/007)


Please provide Full names and contact numbers
NB! Please assist your neighbours where you can, we would like everyone to be involved in the neighbourhood watch. We also understand that not everybody has access to a computer or internet, if this is the case for you or you know someone that does need assistance, and then contact us so we can arrange an alternative solution for them Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire